First, yes I do realize that celebrity gossip has almost nothing to do with Geekdom. That is, it usually has nothing to do with Geekdom. But what happens when stars of comic-based movies have issues in real life? An awesome picture montage opportunity for the future Queen!

I give you: Scarlett Johansson believes Ryan Reynolds cheated on her with Blake Lively! Avengers style:

RR and SJ were married not too long ago. Then they broke up 😦

her heart is broken….she needs her friends and makes a few calls.

she turns to Hawkeye, yeah she owes him a favor or two, but this time she needs someone who can think without emotions

Hawkeye makes some calls as well, Thor is disturbed that any mere human would cheat on someone as deadly as Black Widow

Iron Man hears the news and joins Capt America in hunting down RR

Hulk starts smashing up NYC again after he hears the news. Over a year without an incident until this day! It’s not looking good for RR

Now that they are all together, the Avengers go and find RR’s house. Thor knocks on the door with his mighty hammer….

Yeah? *stares at the Avengers*
Green Lantern just shit his pants, yo!
No one makes a fool of Black Widow!
Game Over Green Lantern!

You are all welcome for this little visual story telling!

(For the record, I am team Black Widow. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds can suck it!)