Lo, it was a good day in November, when the future Queen and the King of Geekdom welcomed the Prince into the kingdom. With the normal concerns and fears we brought the Prince home from the hospital. 

   It soon fell on me, the future Queen, to start teaching the wee one the ways of Geekdom. But I was new myself to the kingdom and didn’t know where to start. And then….inspiration struck.

   The King had a Capt. America shield that was a gift from myself. We knew Prince would not have any “average” birth announcements, afterall he is a Prince!

   Shield in hand with a newly fed and changed Prince, I took my first tentative steps into the shoes of a Queen. The challenge was take a photo worthy of royalty, while staying true to Geekdom. It was far from easy, but once I hit my stride, gold was struck!


The Prince, born Nov 2008, weighing 6lbs 14oz and 19in long.

   And because once is not enough, Prince had photos taken with the shield again, at 6 months old. 


At 6 months old, attempt to recreate the birth announcement.

   Now, almost 4 years later, the Prince has discovered the shield once again. It’s his toy now, the King relinquished his claim to it in the interest of the kingdom. Prince enjoys holding it and defending the kingdom from Dr. Doom…he’s a big fan of Super Hero Squad!


almost 4 years later to-the-day and Prince now plays with the shield, gone are the days of lying in front of it as a prop!

  This is only the beginning of Prince’s indoctrination into geek. He’s also becoming fluent in Star Wars and is learning the ways of rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock. Because of the wee Prince, I’m also learning the ways of the Geek!