Let me preface by saying this: I don’t critique shows. I simply know what I like and enjoy watching it. I also have yet to read anything about The Green Arrow.

I’m currently in the master bedroom of Geekdom, watching the 2nd episode of Arrow on the CW. With the exception of Vampire Diaries, I’ve lost touch with this channel. That is, until I saw sneak peeks for Arrow. What’s not to love? It’s got action, moderate amounts of violence, a bad boy turn vigilante hero and it’s based on a comic book!! I mean c’mon it seemed like a no brainer.

Last week was the premier of Arrow. Bad boy goes on a yacht trip with daddy, girlfriend’s SISTER and daddy’s friend. Bad weather happens, bad boy is the lone survivor stranded on an island for 5 years, where judging by the nasty scars he’s got, the natives were not serving him tea and crumpets.

He gets rescued and comes home to his elitist lifestyle and soon finds himself fulfilling daddy’s dying wish…to take care of the corruption at home.

Now I’ll be the first to admit, I wanted to watch this show purely for the shirtless glory of the actor playing Arrow. I mean sweaty, ripped body and he has a perchance for hoodies….of the green kind, it’s like he was specially made for me to watch! And watch I do. But you know what’s weird, I’m finding myself questioning how closely to the original comic superhero is this adaptation. It’s making me want to read about the Green Arrow, more so than when Leonard made that silly “lantern” “arrow” demonstration in the New Year’s Eve costume contest episode of The Big Bang Theory a couple seasons ago.  If you ask the King, anything that can make a person want to read a comic book or graphic novel is a good thing. In fact, it’s encouraged in our fair kingdom!

So while I don’t know if this series is a hit for the CW or not, I do know it’s a hit with me. Which means I’ll get 6-10 episodes and it’ll get cancelled, because that’s exactly what happened to other comic-inspired tv shows I enjoyed. The Crow and Birds of Prey come to mind.

My advice? Check it out. The show Arrow I mean. Girls…there’s some yummy eye candy and a bad boy trying to make good, aren’t we all just suckers for that combination? Guys…there’s action and a couple not so bad looking women to stare at when the action is a little lull.

who wouldn't want to watch this??