I’ll keep a list of comic books/graphic novels that peak my interest here (so I don’t lose them) and give my feedback as I acquire and read them.

* Uncanny Avengers

* Green Arrow: year 1 (thank you to the King, for correcting me when I said “Green Lantern” instead of Arrow) *a flourish hand sweep and bow to my liege*

* Charmed *this is an ongoing series I read, thanks to the King!*

* Avengers vs X-Men (I’m waiting for the hardcover to come out, the intro being written by CM Punk of the entertainment wrestling fame)

* Saga vol 1

* A v X: Consequences

* Grimm Fairy Tales (multiple series, I’m deep in these)

* The First X-Men

* Punk Rock Jesus (because how awesome would that be?? and Idon’t even believe in Jesus!)

* The Astonishing X-Men (okay raw honesty here…the gay marriage got me! I mean how could I NOT read a comic book about a gay mutant marrying his human boyfriend?? That’s a love story for the ages!)


This is just the beginning, I’ll update as I think of more. If I don’t get my comics and graphic novels cheap from half.com or ebay.com that the King, Prince and I make a trip to our favorite comic store Third Eye Comics in Annapolis.