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the new 54 Birds of Prey #0, Green Arrow Year One, the Astonishing X-Men #53 & 54, Uncanny Avengers #1

Sure, it took 2 trips before my reading list was full, but who on earth would complain about multiple trips to Third Eye Comics?? (Why not visit their facebook page and show them some love with a like?)

So far I’ve read everything but the Green Arrow, I’m saving that for tonight after Prince goes to sleep.

Now, I liked Birds of Prey the tv series. I figured if Marvel is going to redo all their universes, series or whatever it’s as good of time as any to get into the series the show was (loosely?) based on.
I liked. It had the Penguin, Starling, Black Canary and BatGirl (who unlike in the show was not in a wheelchair). It was a good introduction, with a fight between Black Canary and BatGirl and a couple chances for the Canary to show off her incredible cry. I’m excited to keep up with this series.

Astonishing X-Men, I picked up the 2 most recent issues to catch me up. Again, I only got into the series around issue 49 or 50, so I’m understandably behind a bit.
Karma is found and Wolverine is recovering from being blown up, literally. Beast  is trying to figure out what he found in Wolverine and the rest of the X-Men are dealing with a new and powerful threat.
Meanwhile the honeymoon is over before it really begins, given the threat and search for Karma. But it’s an understanding spouse that knows the mission comes first.

Uncanny Avengers.
Charles Xavier (btw, Xavier was a name the King vetoed for our son….some geek, eh?) is dead. Captain America has the person who killed him in custody (I’m not giving that away, because it blew my mind!). Wolverine spoke at the funeral, calling Professor X “Chuck” which completely confused me at first. Scarlet Witch was caught by Rogue at Prof X’s grave, lying flowers and a fight ensued  There’s an interesting moment in the fight and it was another shocking piece of info about Rogue’s power.
I’ll be looking forward to following this series as well. I do need to see if there’s a series before it so I don’t feel quite so lost and baffled as I did reading the first issue.

Did I mention the royal family has an addiction to Marvel Tokidoki blind boxes?

Series one of the Marvel Tokidoki blind box. Here are all the possible characters in this wave.

^^In case someone was wondering what the hell a tokidoki is. I have all except: Hulk, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Thor and Punisher (I think I may not have Red Skull but I’m not 100% certain of that). They are all in my car, across the passenger visor hanging from a hair band. They are separated by group (ex. Spider Man, X-Men, Avengers and Misc group), except Iron Man. Iron Man is hanging from my rearview mirror. They are only about 1.5 inches tall so they don’t obstruct my vision at all.

That will be all. Carry on!