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I’ll admit it, my favorite comic book turned movie hero is Iron Man. It’s a discussion the King and I have had multiple times and a debate that led to the blog’s name being chanted at me for the first time. The King likes to chant “one of us! one of us!” when I do something worthy of Geekdom. 

The debate was Iron Man vs Batman and why I feel Iron Man is better. 

Watching the trailer was awesome! It’s dark, there’s no humor in Tony Stark. We see him fighting with who he is since NYC (which is actually the Avengers movie he is referring too) and how to protect the one person he loves most, Pepper Potts.

Now, I have a theory about the giant bunny in the mansion before it gets attacked with Pepper and Tony in it. I think Pepper is pregnant and that’s why Tony wants to save and protect her. There’s no confirmation and according to the King, Tony Stark has no children so this could be Marvel rewriting the series a bit and it wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened, right? 

May 3, 2012 Iron Man 3 hits theaters. It’s a few weeks before the big Memorial Day weekend, but if the King is reading this, it’s about a week before Mother’s Day….I think a date to see Iron Man 3 is a perfectly acceptable Mother’s Day gift! 

And it’s a gift worthy of…the future Queen of Geekdom!