Hello my loyal subjects, I bring good tidings of great news! On more than one subject even!

I mentioned in a previous post, that I am enamored with the CW’s new show ARROW. I am happy to report I’m not alone. Earlier this week it was reported that the CW has ordered a full season of this breakout hit! Oh happy is the future Queen!

Speaking of ARROW, last night’s episode was another awesome one! Did Oliver reveal himself (and gain an ally) to the Detective and his bodyguard? As always, the end of the episode leaves me longing for a time machine so I could immediately see what next week has in store for Arrow?


In other news, as many realize this weekend is the week before Halloween, which means lots of costumey goodness, or at least it does in the kingdom of Geekdom! We will be representing our fair kingdom at the local Halloween edition of Comic-Con. It will be mine and the Prince’s first ever Con, so a small introduction into the awesomeness that is a con seems a good idea. The King, I’m not for certain, has been to a Con before…your future Queen may be wrong on this matter. (His liege is sleeping and since he has to work tonight, it is not wise to wake him over a trivial matter such as this).

Our young Prince chose the theme of our costumes, with his early request to be Iron Man. The King is going as Captain America and I, the future Queen, will be going as Black Widow, minus the bodysuit. I’m going for the casual look she had aboard the helicarrier before it took flight. Black jeans, red shirt, leather jacket and of course, her thigh holster and belt!

We are all excited about this weekend. NOt only because we’re spending it together, but because it’s a geeky dream of a weekend!