Our city held a special Comic Con for Halloween. One day only (Saturday the 27th) and I made it my mission to have fun and make it to the Con, as a family. Despite Hurricane Sandy threatening our week, we made a trip to prep for the storm and then off to the Con we went. Later than I’d planned but we made it, that was the important part.

And it was worth it! The Prince was a hit, in his Iron Man costume with Tony Stark facial hair. He refuses to keep a mask on, so this was my solution since he was insisting on being Iron Man. The King was Capt. America and was asked by more than one child to have their picture taken with him! Myself, I went as Agent Romanov. As a family, we were a hit, hearing more than once how cool we looked and how awesome the Avengers are!

We snagged a few prints from the artists at the Con, met and helped out one artist (the King’s shield proved useful when he loaded the artist’s supplies on it and carried them back to his booth. We were waiting for his demo to be done so the King could purchase a couple prints from him.) and the Prince picked up 2 separate bucketfuls of loose Legos, his first Legos ever!

All-in-all we had a great time, wondering around and scoping out the other costumes! The Prince even got to give Wolverine a high-five, for sure a high point of his young life!

We 3 Avengers!