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The King purchased this goodie on Halloween. I’m not familiar with Deadpool’s story or history, but damned if I wasn’t drawn to this graphic novel! I mean, really, who kills Marvel?!?! Not just a couple Marvel characters, no, we’re talking the Marvel Universe here folks!

I’ve read some people liked the Spider Man part. Yeah, it was okay. But it didn’t really rock my socks off. Now, the Professor X part….that amazed me! I don’t want to give anything away, in the event my one or two readers haven’t read it yet (I know the King has not read it yet, and since he reads this out of respect for him I will not ruin it) but damned yo, there’s some seriously disturbed people at Marvel that may have had one or two really bad cases of writers block when they came up with this story!

Can I just say, the Mr. Fantastic part….I’m pretty sure I might have nightmares about that!

I can not say enough about this novel. Other than, please for the love of all things that don’t go bump in the night, keep this out of the reach of small children!