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It’s well-known that my little royal family of geekdom has a particular fondness for a local comic book store. Third Eye Comics of Annapolis, to be exact. We all, the Prince included, love a good trip to the store.

Yesterday they were hosting Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe writer Cullen Bunn. The King got up early, on his Saturday off no less, to grab a spot in line. The Prince and I joined him much later, because let’s face it, waiting for 4 hours with a young child is no fun for anyone.
As I’ve mentioned before, I read this graphic novel and it was AWESOME! Adding to my geek-cred I noticed Deadpool wearing Beast’s pelt in the graphic novel before the King, forcing him to grab the book and check it out for himself. Trust me, its equal parts disturbing and really f*%king cool!

Deadpool himself showed up for the signing, securing his spot in line with a bit of pirate flare! 

The King waited in line, while I chased the Prince and attempted to keep him from destroying the store out of boredom. He did find a way to occupy himself, while counting the D&D dice at one display. The King got 4 items signed, including the free door gifts for being one of the first 25 people in line (he was 8th in line, in case you were wondering) and Cullen mentioned his own son is the Prince’s age and was very cool about his energy level.

Before leaving, I took this photo of the King and Prince with Cullen Bunn:


All-in-all it was a very good morning for the Royal Family of Geekdom. Looking forward to many more signing events in the future.