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The Prince turns 4 next week. It’s a big step for him as he will (finally) be moving up to a twin sized bed. Which means new sheets, blankets and other things. To try to make this more fun than it sounds, I decided to help with a room re-do. Except there’s one issue: we rent. While I could paint, I prefer not to. I’d like a nice deep, dark blue for his room, but to paint it back when we move again is too much of a pain-in-the-ass for me to think of doing.

What’s a mom to do, right?

Well, if you’re the future Queen of Geekdom you might try something like this:

top: Hulk
middle: Iron Man and Wolverine
bottom: Captain America and Thor
all in silhouette style

close-up of Hulk silhouette

close-up of Iron Man silhouette

close-up of Thor silhouette

The Avengers, silhouette style

sure he’s not an Avenger, but the Prince loves him on Super Hero Squad, so on the wall he goes!


All these were done out of card stock, and I used images I found on google as the guides. I gotta say, they turned out better than I pictured when the idea first drilled its way between my ears.

Happy (almost) 4th birthday, Prince!