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$50 filled a short box (the white block in front are the boards)

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to gather and give thanks, while chowing down some good grub.

After the food is gone, everyone looks for a reason to escape and get some time to themselves, right? NO! That was just me. Well, hell fire, thank the gods I have understanding in-laws who all but worship the Prince, a King who is willing to entrust his wife not to do too much damage with his credit card at the comic book store on Black Friday and an awesome comic book store for some wicked midnight madness sales to make that time alone a reality. I may not have been the most welcoming host, but I was a future Queen to be proud of!

I arrived at Third Eye Comics in Annapolis, Maryland a little before 930pm on Thanksgiving. There was already a line and I was roughly the 20th person in line.  Sure it was cold, and yes I stood in line for over an hour to check out, but it was worth it.

I shopped local. I saved a bunch money and even the King was impressed with my haul. I bought a short box and filled it with back issue comic books for $50. It wasn’t totally filled, I did leave some room because I didn’t want to damage any of the comics in the box by forcing too many in there. I also made sure to pick up boards and bags for the comic books. I also grabbed the Last Christmas graphic novel for the King and a Captain America bust bank for the Prince since the store had awesome percentages off until 2am on novels and toys. Best off all, if it weren’t for taxes, I’d have stayed under my $100 goal!

According to the King, I’ve officially turned the corner and earned my geek stripes for sitting in line like that and grabbing some free swag in the process.