At breakfast this morning:

The King, Prince and I ventured beyond Geekdom walls and enjoyed a hot meal at a local eatery. While waiting for the serving wench to bring us our plates, the Prince and King enjoyed a few comic books together. This is a particularly impressive feat as it usually takes an electronic device to keep the Prince happy during long lulls out in public.

Halfway through the meal Prince decided he wanted to snuggle next to me (we were seated in a corner booth surrounded by windows and it was quite chilly out this morning). He also tried to grab the comic books, even though he had not washed his hands yet.

Enter the future Queen dropping comic geek knowledge bomb numero uno:
Thou shalt not touch a comic book with sticky fingers!

The King approved of this rule, even if these books are the Prince’s private collection and have not been protected like we protect our own (with boards and bags). He did say Prince is never too young to learn the ways of proper comic book care.

Another geek stripe earned by your future Queen.

And the King proudly proclaimed “One of us! One of us!”