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not proving a point

this is supposed to prove what, exactly??

Before I really get going on this tangent, let me say: Geekdom is a religious-free country. We aren’t pushing it on nor discouraging any one religion over another when it comes to the Prince. Our goal, as parents, is to raise a kind and caring child with a strong moral compass, not scare him into believing in something because of the big, scary fiery threat of HELL in the afterlife.

**UPDATE: The King himself called me today, after reading my fair blog, to correct my gross inaccuracies. Such corrections will be made in bold print where necessary** 

That being said, the picture above was posted by a very religious friend of mine.  I can see the point that was (poorly) being attempted, but let me point out a couple issues as the future Queen of Geekdom, see them.

#1) Using fictional characters to prove Jesus is better does not prove he was real.  The problem with is, to families like mine, Spiderman, the Hulk, Captain America and Jesus are already all fictitious characters from books. Not really helping the cause here. How would I be able to convince the Prince that Jesus was real and we “need to live like he did” but then later convince him he won’t get super powers from a spider bite? Just because superheroes are trendy doesn’t mean they’ll help get the youngest kid to believe in Jesus (or that he’s the best superhero ever!!) if you show him this picture.

#2)  “We have a super solider, a web-slinging man and a Hulk…..what is it you do again?”  To paraphrase the Avengers, that’s exactly how a conversation involving the pictured characters would go. Wine to water might impress the Prince’s mom (it won’t, unless it’s my water being turned to wine and not me reading about it happening thousands of years ago) but it won’t impress the Prince.
Let’s do some quick bios here:
Captain America received some sort of secret serum that turned him into the super solider. His shield is made of some kind of really awesome metal too, so that helps. Only downside is he might actually believe Jesus and think he’s a better superhero than the Captain himself is.
Spiderman was bit by a radioactive spider and got all spidery. He spins webs, has spidey senses and is apparently pretty hard to kill. (In all honesty here, I know very little about Spiderman other than what I’ve seen in the movies. I haven’t gotten into the DC comics world yet, so I apologize of my description of him has errors.)**Spiderman is Marvel character  not DC. Seriously, this is a gross error on my part. I’m pretty sure even the Prince knows this common piece of knowledge. Or, at the very least, he knows that Spiderman is part of the Young Avengers tv show so they belong together. My bad.** 
The HULK. A man of slightly above average intelligence involved in a catastrophic gamma rays accident resulting in an alternate personality who will level a city with his massive tantrums! His anger causes him to grow 5 times his normal size in a matter of seconds (or minutes) and Bruce Banner carries this beast inside of him at all times! And keeps him in check, most of the time. Pretty freaking awesome if you ask me. **Bruce Banner is a genius, not just slightly above average smart. I thought this was true, but I misunderstood a conversation the King and I had in the past regarding Bruce Banner and Tony Stark working together. This is not an uncommon occurrence as I do have a tendency to zone out when the King speaks! What?!?! I saw some cute shoes! I am still learning to be Queen, I’m not there yet. And, as you can see, the King is quick to help me correct myself and I am not above issuing an apology and making the corrections. It’s all a learning process, sometimes I’m a slow learner but thanks for bearing with me!** 

Then there’s Jesus. A man of questionable conception, who disappeared for a massive length of time (in a comic book he’d be the villain plotting his revenge against the hero during that time. in a movie he’d probably have a serious drug habit and those would be his “missing years”), he collected men who followed him and spread tales of his “miraculous acts” and he’s the son of a god but no one believes him. No one questions Thor as a demigod, after he laid down the hammer! I’m just saying. It’s a lot less superhero and a lot more good PR work.

I’ve got nothing else much. I just saw this and thought to myself “I don’t think this is proving the point you want it to prove”. Besides, wasn’t Jesus supposed to be meek and humble. Being a braggart asshole about saving the world isn’t really keeping up with that image, so it kind of proves MY point that his image was PR spin!

Also, HULK should be a lot larger than he is shown in this picture and I have to ask……where is Iron Man?!?!?

Happy Holidays, my friends!