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Tonight the Prince is at a royal friend’s home for the night. He’ll do fun stuff with his “cousin” and I have the night child-free. You’d think a future Queen such as myself would be overjoyed, but it’s not like it looks. Yes, I do have the night Prince-free, but I’m going to be sleeping outside (in weather near freezing with a wicked wind), hence why the Prince is with our friend!

Now, what could possibly make me (a relatively sane person by a loose definition) sleep outside overnight? Well it’s a person, who is kind of a big deal in the comic world (or so I’ve heard)….

Anyone familiar with: Brian Posehn??  I only ask because, he’s doing a signing tomorrow at Third Eye Comics and there’s a cap on the number of people who will be allowed in for the signing. Also, there’s some free swag involved. And if there’s one thing the King loves it is free swag. Now, the King is working nights and cannot hold his own spot in line for the free swag, enter the future Queen.

Yes, that’s right, I am saving the kingdom by freezing my ovaries off for this signing. I shouldn’t complain too much, the King has stood out in line for hours multiple times, sometimes even forgoing sleep to do so.

So, enjoy your warm heated homes and toss me a warm thought or two tonight. And if you’re reading this and going to be at the signing….bring layers!