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I spent the evening going through my very own comic book box. Sure, it’s only a short box, but it’s mine. All mine!

And now it’s full! The King had gone through a long box of his, which turned out to contain some of my comic books. Those finds, added to what was already in my box, plus new purchases all contributed to a full short box! I’m so proud!

The collection is quite eclectic but they’re all comic books and graphic novels that I’m interested in. Some are based on television shows I watch(ed) like Charmed and Arrow. Some are new-found addictions: Colder and Saga, and then there are random finds, House of Night but fast addictions since they are based on books I love Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter. Then there’s my tried-and-true loves: anything X-Men, The Crow, Avengers and Birds of Prey.

The box also includes several hardcover graphic novels which do take up some serious space on their own. I’m excited that I accomplished this and look forward to filling my own long box in the future!