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Tonight, I’m randomly finding something for the Prince and I to watch. I see Iron Man 2 is on FX so it’s a total score! Prince hasn’t seen this yet, and since the King is at work I can let Prince stay up a little late to watch it.

*spoiler*….in the event someone hasn’t seen this movie and is reading my blog

We’re at the part where Rhodes puts on the silver suit because Tony’s acting an ass at his party while wearing his suit.

Prince: Oh no! It’s bad Iron Man.

me: No, Prince that’s just Tony’s friend in the suit. Eventually he becomes War Machine.

Prince: Nuh-uh! That’s bad Iron Man and he’s going to hurt Iron Man.

me: No, he’s a good guy. You’ll see.

Prince: Really?? He’s a good guy?

me: Yes, he’s a good guy. He’s only fighting Iron Man because Tony Stark is acting like an a-hole.

Prince: NO, he’s not an a-hole! He’s a good guy!

me: Even good guys can be a-holes.