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Prince is the sole heir to the Geekdom throne. To many people, that means he has the potential to be a very selfish and spoiled child having been overly indulged by his parents his entire life. Rest assure, loyal geekdom subjects, the future ruler of Geekdom is far from selfish and he is already getting quite comfortable rubbing elbows with some bona fide geek royalty.

Yesterday, our favorite comic book store had an awesome signing with Mike Norton *not Newton, as I had incorrectly previously written* and Dennis Hopeless.

The Prince grabbed a Star Wars Angry Birds blind bag, practically as soon as we entered the store. He wondered around with me, while the King stood in line for his turn to get his items signed. When it was finally the King’s turn, and he was talking to Dennis Hopeless, Prince stood in front of Mike Norton and..well it went down like this between them:

Prince: *thrusts out his blind bag* Look at this!
Mike Norton: Cool, you like Angry Birds?
Prince: Yes.
MN: Which one is your favorite?
Prince: This one *points to the stormtrooper*
MN: Stormtroopers are cool. Which you do you think is my favorite?
Prince: Umm…..this one *points to Vader*
MN: You’d think that, but it’s actually….*he never finished because the King was ready with things for him to sign*

The coolest part wasn’t that Mike Norton had the patience to talk to Prince about Star Wars Angry Birds. It was that he spoke to him not around him, like most adults do when they see a kid with his parents. Especially a 4-year old. The Prince held his own and he was completely awesome! I wish I had taken a picture, hindsight always makes me wish that about moments like these, but I saw a geeky confidence in the Prince that made the King and I so proud.

Special thanks (again) to Mike Norton, Dennis Hopeless and Third Eye Comics for an awesome signing!