Comics for Combat

Your future Queen is adding another title: co-admin to the Comics for Combat page on facebook. This page is awesome! The other admin is one of the coolest geek-chicks I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, and she has such a good heart. She created this page for deployed service members as a way to keep up with all things geek, as well as using it to collect donations of comic books to send to those same deployed service members. 

Help me, help us, spread the word about this page and this AWESOME cause. Follow the link, like the page and ask your friends to do the same. Feel free to message us on facebook if you have comic books you’d like to donate for the troops. 

This is a cause close to your future Queen’s heart. I have many close friends serving in the armed services now, many who have been deployed more than once, in addition to being married to a Sailor. Yep, the King is a sailor! I also did my time in the service, so I am not totally on the outside looking in. 

Please, help spread the word about Comics for Combat and think about donating if you can. 

Thanks and I look forward to being part of this really awesome project!