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A little over a month ago, the Prince received a box full of costumes from a friend of mine (your future Queen). At first he had little interest in the box, but lately he has spent hours wearing the costumes which range from super heroes to camouflage to transformers with mask! For a 4-year old it’s quite the score!

The past week, young Prince’s costume of choice has been Wolverine. I would be a poor excuse for a mother if I didn’t do everything in my power to complete a favorite costume to the best-of-my-ability, now wouldn’t I? So complete it I did.

It took several hours, a nap to clear my mind, and a couple failed attempts before I had a final product that the Prince (and the King) was happy with. I was only able to complete one hand, because I only had one black glove that fits him at the moment, but now that I’ve got it figured out, I imagine that by the week’s end, Prince will have a complete set of gloved claws all his own!

For now, behold the craftiness of your future Queen, for my son’s happiness:

the Prince as Wolverine and his new claws!

the Prince as Wolverine and his new claws!

"I cut you!"

“I cut you!”

Are they perfect? NO, but for a 4-year old, they are nothing short of magical!