Sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve posted here. Life has gotten busy, winter was long and boring, I started an etsy page and I’m keeping the Prince alive. 

   Tonight I’ve got a big reading list to get through: Astonishing X-Men 60, Uncanny Avengers 4, Deadpool Killustrated 3, Arrow 5, A + X 6 and Catwoman Vol 2 Dollhouse. I have them all stacked up in front of me on my little corner of the living room known as my end table. 

   The King came over and chastised me for eating near my comics. Then mentioned that I had crumbs on the top one. I bolted up and quickly brushed the offensive (and very small) crumbs off, while the King laughed at my quick movements! Apparently that was impressive and yet another geek strip I’ve earned.