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Every now and then there comes along a comic book series that just hits you, like a deep part of your soul, and you find yourself excited for the release of the first issue. That was me, the Future Queen of Geekdom, upon seeing sneak peeks for Rat Queens.

First, the main characters are all female and they all kick ass!


Next, I saw this:


Then, during a sneak peek for the signing that Third Eye Comics was having with the creators of Rat Queens, I saw this page:Image

When I saw that page combined with the first photo of Hannah, I realized that in Hannah I had found a comic book heroine I could relate too. She uses magic, is quite curvy, kicks ass, gets ripped drunk and cusses?!?! Hello…it’s like she was written ABOUT me!

On September 28th, Third Eye Comics hosted Kurtis Wiebe and Roc Upchurch, creators of Rat Queens, for an in-store Launch Party and signing. As usual, the Royal family of Geekdom was in attendance for the signing. I was so stoked for this signing, I spent a couple of days getting a simple costume together for the event. Why? Well, because I was excited and I wanted to show some Rat Queens pride! Plus, I happened to have been given the perfect dress recently but no place to wear it….until the signing!


I made a simple Rat Queens fascinator headband, plus a lace belt with the Rat Queens logo on it. The icing on the cake, so-to-speak, was my getting up and doing my hair and makeup at 8am on a Saturday! And it was so worth it! The creators asked to take my photo, because they appreciated my enthusiasm for their newest comic. Talk about feeling flattered!

As it turns out, Kurtis Wiebe who writes the series, bases Hannah on his own internal sarcastic side.  “She says what I’d want to say but never do”, he told me when I said how much I loved Hannah and her attitude.

About the comic book itself? What’s not to love! It’s got 4 chicks, who have drunken violent tendencies and yet also help clear their village of riff-raff, when they aren’t causing the riff-raff that is. The first issue ends with the foursome deep on an assignment and suddenly faced with an adversary that is killing off other groups like theirs.

This isn’t your average comic book. This one is WAY better than average! It’s well written, great art and has characters that hold a little something for everyone. Plus it’s published by Image Comics who has such awesome works as Saga, Morning Glories, East of West and let I not forget The Walking DeadRat Queens is in some good company and is sure to quickly join the ranks of Image’s buyers favorite, if their buyers are anything like me!

Happy geeking!