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It started with King’s message alert going off. His alert is George Takei giving his best “Ohhh My”. Prince has heard it so much he’s started saying it himself, but for some reason today he didn’t say it. I asked him “What? No “ohh my” today?” and Prince says “No, not today” only to go on and do it a couple of seconds later.
King and I start talking about the video King wants to make of Prince saying “ohhh my”. I say we should add more geek elements, since today Prince just happens to be wearing his Third Eye Comics tee-shirt. I say we should add a light saber, his Iron Man beanie and his Pinkie Pie stuffed animal.  You know, just go full-on geek.

I did go full-on geek, even filmed it in King’s Geekdom corner of the house, so Prince was supported by Stormtroopers, a Superman print and other miscellaneous geek symbols.

Use the Force...Iron Man?!? I'm so confused!

Use the Force…Iron Man?!? I’m so confused!