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It’s a day late, but Happy Halloween!

Saturday the 26th, Third Eye Comics held their Halloween Comic Fest. The family and I got into the spirit and did a little family costume ala My Little Pony! Prince is a HUGE Pinkie Pie fan and had asked to be Pinkie Pie for Halloween way back in August. He then suggested I wear my Twilight Sparkle costume and even wanted King to be a pony. King was okay with it, so long as I could get a stallion for him to dress up as and not a girl pony. Well, it just so happens there is a stallion that I knew would be perfect  for King: Big Macintosh!

The final results of our costumes are in the photo above. The ghost busting Deadpool just happened to be a totally awesome cosplayer at the Halloween event that we took a family photo with. 

At the store, Prince’s costume was a huge hit! I didn’t hear one negative thing about it. Our family costumes were well-received by the staff and patrons, which made the entire process of putting them together all worth it. 

Then came the costume parade at Prince’s school. Prince was so happy to wear Pinkie Pie to school! He was so proud of it. 
But, and it saddens me to say this, as I’m sure most of us know: bullies happen. There were 2 particular boys who were quite persistent in telling anyone who’d listen, that Prince was dressed like a girl and he was a lalaloopsie. I held my tongue, because Prince was unaffected by it. When one of the boys told Prince to his face he was a girl, Prince quite pointedly said “No, I’m a boy” and walked away. 
The girls in his class appreciated his costume. His teachers liked his attitude about his costume. Some of the other parents, while none ever said anything within earshot of me, had those disapproving looks and judgmental glances when they heard what Prince’s costume was. 
When did Halloween lose the awesomeness? Why is it okay for girls to be superheroes but my son can’t be a Pony for a day without people being total judging a-holes? My son is awesome! My family’s awesome! And I’m a little sad for those kids who already have such narrow ideas of what is or is not allowed based on gender. 
I’m proud that Prince isn’t taking the verbal bullying to heart. He doesn’t care. I think that means King and I are doing something right….I hope that means I’m doing something right.