Who am I??

I am the future queen of Geekdom. Geekdom is a wondrous place my husband, the King, resides. Geekdom is full of comic books, graphic novels, movies, action figures (not dolls, as I once called them) and other random geek-related items. Geekdom is also ruled by our young Prince, who is well on his way to being a full blown geek in his own right.

My role as Queen, includes being able to carry on a conversation involving: comic books, Star Wars, any number of debates involving characters from any number of universes in the comic nation and taking part in random geek-related activities with pride. My goal is to be worthy of my King and a well of knowledge for our Prince.

The King and I have been married since March 2008 and Prince joined our family in November 2008 (he was conceived on our honeymoon for anyone doing the math). Geekdom is small with only 5 occupants (King, Prince, myself and our 2 furry princesses) but it is a proud and noble kingdom.


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