Your future Queen is getting her geek on


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Your future Queen has been geeking out over all things My Little Pony. It started with a couple blind bags. It grew into a collection of 3 different blind bag series, with one series being 3 figures away from completion.

On Free Comic Book Day (May 4th), the King and I will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary at Third Eye Comics starting the night before while we camp out. For fun, I decided to do a costume (well for fun and to be entered to win a $200 gift card to the store!) and my first thought was: Twilight Sparkle! I can’t wait to post pictures of the costume and all the festivities from FCBD!

In the spirit of all things My Little Pony, I fell in love with this shirt:

the before picture

the before picture

As soon as I saw it on the Third Eye Comics facebook page. I bought it, but thought about it and decided it needed a little redo. So I cut it up, sewed it up and turned it into a tube top. But I wasn’t happy with it.
It was too tight, because I bought the tee shirt to be a tee shirt, not an altered tube top.

So, I thought about it, tried another option and was still unhappy. Eventually, I bought some black lace, recut the tee, and finished it but adding lace to make it a little looser but more “me”.

The final product:

The front, final results!

The front, final results!

The other side, showing the lace side. Final results.

The other side, showing the lace side. Final results.

lace inlay on side, final results

lace inlay on side, final results

I may look tired and worn out, but the finally finished tube top looks amazing! And I adore my newest My Little Pony accessory!

By the way, my costume will have a Spike with it, and thanks to Loot Crate awesomeness, he will be sporting a mustache! Because Spike with a mustache is kickass!


I didn’t get shot, but I moved like I did.



   Sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve posted here. Life has gotten busy, winter was long and boring, I started an etsy page and I’m keeping the Prince alive. 

   Tonight I’ve got a big reading list to get through: Astonishing X-Men 60, Uncanny Avengers 4, Deadpool Killustrated 3, Arrow 5, A + X 6 and Catwoman Vol 2 Dollhouse. I have them all stacked up in front of me on my little corner of the living room known as my end table. 

   The King came over and chastised me for eating near my comics. Then mentioned that I had crumbs on the top one. I bolted up and quickly brushed the offensive (and very small) crumbs off, while the King laughed at my quick movements! Apparently that was impressive and yet another geek strip I’ve earned. 


Free Comic Book Day…it’s coming!


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Being very, very new to almost all things comic book store related, Free Comic Book Day complete baffles me. The concept sounds simple, its like a fan appreciation day, right? Something that the publishers, writers and stores do once a year as a “thank you” to the fans for a year of loyalty.

But it seems that the Royal Family’s favorite comic book store does it far bigger than just the regular “here’s your free swag” way. This is Third Eye Comics 5th Anniversary, so they’re doing it up in style. For all the deets you can check out their free comic book day site or visit their facebook page and check out the store’s info, which they update daily.

The King is excited to see that Cullen Bunn is returning, along with Brain Hurtt. As excited as he is about those two, he might very well have been close to losing his mind when he saw that the Imperial 501st Legion would be on hand for photos! At one point he was interested to join this group, so this is pretty much a (small) dream come true for our King.

As for your future Queen, I’m just going to enjoy the atmosphere of the day. The King’s mother will be visiting and she’ll be staying with the Prince while the King and I camp out the night before and belatedly celebrate our anniversary together. I will be making a couple pieces Deadpool of artwork to have signed by Cullen Bunn, just for the King to have as a one-of-a-kind thing.

I’m hoping to break out my comic book platform heels and rock them at free comic book day! We shall see…I need to break them in just a bit more, but since Free Comic Book Day isn’t until May 4th I think I have some time.

In the meantime, if you are in the Maryland area and reading this…Third Eye Comics has 2 locations, take a trip and check them out. You won’t be disappointed, I promise you. The staff is awesome, the store amazing and, there’s freaking comics, toys, games and more…what are you waiting for? Go check ’em out!

Location A:2027-A West St.
Annapolis, Maryland 21401

Location B:78 Solomon’s Island Rd
Prince Frederick, MD 20678

..because the Prince deserves the very best


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A little over a month ago, the Prince received a box full of costumes from a friend of mine (your future Queen). At first he had little interest in the box, but lately he has spent hours wearing the costumes which range from super heroes to camouflage to transformers with mask! For a 4-year old it’s quite the score!

The past week, young Prince’s costume of choice has been Wolverine. I would be a poor excuse for a mother if I didn’t do everything in my power to complete a favorite costume to the best-of-my-ability, now wouldn’t I? So complete it I did.

It took several hours, a nap to clear my mind, and a couple failed attempts before I had a final product that the Prince (and the King) was happy with. I was only able to complete one hand, because I only had one black glove that fits him at the moment, but now that I’ve got it figured out, I imagine that by the week’s end, Prince will have a complete set of gloved claws all his own!

For now, behold the craftiness of your future Queen, for my son’s happiness:

the Prince as Wolverine and his new claws!

the Prince as Wolverine and his new claws!

"I cut you!"

“I cut you!”

Are they perfect? NO, but for a 4-year old, they are nothing short of magical!


Comics for Combat



Comics for Combat

Your future Queen is adding another title: co-admin to the Comics for Combat page on facebook. This page is awesome! The other admin is one of the coolest geek-chicks I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, and she has such a good heart. She created this page for deployed service members as a way to keep up with all things geek, as well as using it to collect donations of comic books to send to those same deployed service members. 

Help me, help us, spread the word about this page and this AWESOME cause. Follow the link, like the page and ask your friends to do the same. Feel free to message us on facebook if you have comic books you’d like to donate for the troops. 

This is a cause close to your future Queen’s heart. I have many close friends serving in the armed services now, many who have been deployed more than once, in addition to being married to a Sailor. Yep, the King is a sailor! I also did my time in the service, so I am not totally on the outside looking in. 

Please, help spread the word about Comics for Combat and think about donating if you can. 

Thanks and I look forward to being part of this really awesome project!

Our Prince is something else *quick correction with apologies to Mike Norton*


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Prince is the sole heir to the Geekdom throne. To many people, that means he has the potential to be a very selfish and spoiled child having been overly indulged by his parents his entire life. Rest assure, loyal geekdom subjects, the future ruler of Geekdom is far from selfish and he is already getting quite comfortable rubbing elbows with some bona fide geek royalty.

Yesterday, our favorite comic book store had an awesome signing with Mike Norton *not Newton, as I had incorrectly previously written* and Dennis Hopeless.

The Prince grabbed a Star Wars Angry Birds blind bag, practically as soon as we entered the store. He wondered around with me, while the King stood in line for his turn to get his items signed. When it was finally the King’s turn, and he was talking to Dennis Hopeless, Prince stood in front of Mike Norton and..well it went down like this between them:

Prince: *thrusts out his blind bag* Look at this!
Mike Norton: Cool, you like Angry Birds?
Prince: Yes.
MN: Which one is your favorite?
Prince: This one *points to the stormtrooper*
MN: Stormtroopers are cool. Which you do you think is my favorite?
Prince: Umm…..this one *points to Vader*
MN: You’d think that, but it’s actually….*he never finished because the King was ready with things for him to sign*

The coolest part wasn’t that Mike Norton had the patience to talk to Prince about Star Wars Angry Birds. It was that he spoke to him not around him, like most adults do when they see a kid with his parents. Especially a 4-year old. The Prince held his own and he was completely awesome! I wish I had taken a picture, hindsight always makes me wish that about moments like these, but I saw a geeky confidence in the Prince that made the King and I so proud.

Special thanks (again) to Mike Norton, Dennis Hopeless and Third Eye Comics for an awesome signing!

Teaching the Prince some (movie) basics


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Tonight, I’m randomly finding something for the Prince and I to watch. I see Iron Man 2 is on FX so it’s a total score! Prince hasn’t seen this yet, and since the King is at work I can let Prince stay up a little late to watch it.

*spoiler*….in the event someone hasn’t seen this movie and is reading my blog

We’re at the part where Rhodes puts on the silver suit because Tony’s acting an ass at his party while wearing his suit.

Prince: Oh no! It’s bad Iron Man.

me: No, Prince that’s just Tony’s friend in the suit. Eventually he becomes War Machine.

Prince: Nuh-uh! That’s bad Iron Man and he’s going to hurt Iron Man.

me: No, he’s a good guy. You’ll see.

Prince: Really?? He’s a good guy?

me: Yes, he’s a good guy. He’s only fighting Iron Man because Tony Stark is acting like an a-hole.

Prince: NO, he’s not an a-hole! He’s a good guy!

me: Even good guys can be a-holes.

A major geek milestone!


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I spent the evening going through my very own comic book box. Sure, it’s only a short box, but it’s mine. All mine!

And now it’s full! The King had gone through a long box of his, which turned out to contain some of my comic books. Those finds, added to what was already in my box, plus new purchases all contributed to a full short box! I’m so proud!

The collection is quite eclectic but they’re all comic books and graphic novels that I’m interested in. Some are based on television shows I watch(ed) like Charmed and Arrow. Some are new-found addictions: Colder and Saga, and then there are random finds, House of Night but fast addictions since they are based on books I love Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter. Then there’s my tried-and-true loves: anything X-Men, The Crow, Avengers and Birds of Prey.

The box also includes several hardcover graphic novels which do take up some serious space on their own. I’m excited that I accomplished this and look forward to filling my own long box in the future!

Coming soon….chapter by chapter insights of AvX


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I’m currently completely enamored with Avengers vs. X-Men hardcover. I’m so into this it’s hard to put it down and tend to the Prince (thank the gods the King is off for a few days and is well-prepared for my absentee parenting).

I fully plan on a complete review of this graphic novel, but not until I’ve read it through once.

As always, any questions I’ve discovered while reading it, I run to the King with. He’s usually very indulgent with answering my questions. And if ever there’s something he doesn’t know the answer too, he’s awesome at looking it up and getting back to me with what he found. He’s pretty great like that!

I most likely will not start the chapter by chapter (with as few spoilers as possible, I promise!) blogs until after the first of the New Year.

Happy 2013! 2012 saw me become a geek, 2013 is going to be a full-on immersion year for me!